Ep 71 – Whole Child Education

Mental health is a very important, yet sometimes neglected part of education. While students’ physical needs are taken care of, what can be done to help with their mental ones?

In this episode, Fiona talks to Steve Cairns. Steve talks about his work with the Village of Attachment and other organizations that help students, promoting good mental health in their schools and encouraging them to get involved with their communities. It’s a wonderful interview, and thanks so much to Steve for taking part.

In addition, your hosts talk about the work of Dr. Sugata Mitra, and the “School in the Cloud” concept that won him a TED prize. He’s also best-known for the “Hole in the Wall” project. Be sure to check it out!

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Episode 71 (40:57)

Time Stamps

00:19 | Introduction

Is Education Obsolete?
The SOLE Challenge
Dr. Mitra’s TED Talk

8:31 | Steve Cairns interview

Village of Attachment

37:27 | What’s happening at PDCE

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