Ep 67 – Taking Charge of Your Education

Teachers are often seen as the drivers in the classroom. The teachers teach, the students learn. But not every student is identical or learns in the same way, or even at the same pace.

On this week’s episode, Dave talks to Dr. Deborah Butler about her work in Self-Regulated Learning (SRL). What role does the teacher play in engaging his/her students to help them with their learning practices? Why is this a growing field of research and how is it changing our schools? What is the impact of SRL on students, ranging from childhood through their adult lives? Deb talks about all of this and more and highlights the work being done by her and her colleagues both here at UBC and across Canada.

In addition, your hosts discuss social media and college engagement: how are post-secondary institutions using social media to attract students and help them through their college lives?

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Just a note that the views expressed in the podcast are those of the hosts and guests, and not necessarily the views of either PDCE or the Faculty of Education at UBC.

Episode 67 (41:25)

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00:27 | Introduction
9:52 | Deborah Butler Interview
36:11 | What’s happening at PDCE

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