Education of Students with Developmental Disabilities in Inclusive Settings

EPSE 403 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


  • Four assignments
  • Two quizzes

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Intervention and program planning in regular education classrooms for students with developmental disabilities such as intellectual disabilities, autism and cerebral palsy. (UBC Calendar)

EPSE 403 is a pre-approved elective for the Diploma in Education – Early Years Education and the Diploma in Education – Infant Development and Supported Child Development.  It is one of the courses students are advised to include in the Diploma of Special Education.

This online course would also be appropriate for graduate students in education, social work, nursing or related fields who want a basic course in developmental disabilities. Finally, teachers and others who require practical information about including students with developmental disabilities in regular classrooms will find this course useful and may enroll as Unclassified students. This online course is intended to provide educators and others with information related to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in inclusive school and community settings. By the end of the course, you will have learned:

  • about the historical and other factors that contribute to attitudes about and services provided to people with developmental disabilities;
  • how to develop individual education plans (IEPs) and adapt/modify curricula and instruction for students with developmental disabilities in regular classrooms;
  • how to support the development of social relationships between students with disabilities and their peers; and
  • how to implement instructional, communication, and behaviour support approaches for these individuals.


This course is will be offered online on Canvas –

  1. Introduction and basic concepts
  2. History of services to people with developmental disabilities
  3. Handicapism
  4. Primary causes of developmental disabilities
  5. Inclusion, membership and belonging
  6. Key elements of inclusion
  7. Planning for inclusion: developing IEPs
  8. Lesson planning and adapting/modifying instruction in inclusive classrooms
  9. Instructional techniques
  10. Facilitating friendships and social supports
  11. Supporting communication in inclusive classrooms
  12. Supporting students with problem behaviour


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