Kindergarten Curriculum

ECED 416 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


Assignment 1: Investigation of a Kindergarten Program
Assignment 2: Planning Project
Assignment 3: A Year in the Life of a Kindergarten Teacher
Assignment 4: Discussion

This course is eligible for Credit/D/Fail grading. To determine whether you can take this course for Credit/D/Fail grading, visit the Credit/D/Fail website. You must register in the course before you can select the Credit/D/Fail grading option.


The development of Kindergarten programs with reference to recent research, theories of early learning, curriculum trends and practices, and the place of Kindergarten in contemporary education. (UBC Calendar)

ECED 416 is a core course for the Kindergarten Instruction Certificate.  This online course is an elective for the Diploma in Education – Early Years Education.


Students will be given opportunities to:

  • Share ideas, programs, materials and knowledge with colleagues
  • Work from a variety of resources and websites
  • Plan for students’ needs using excellent Kindergarten materials
  • Express the developmental characteristics of Kindergarten learners
  • Recognize developmentally appropriate teaching practices, strategies and assessment related to Kindergarten
  • Learn about some of the current educational issues and differing philosophical perspectives that influence Kindergarten curriculum development
  • Interpret and work with the BC Ministry of Education curriculum documents for Kindergarten students
  • Become familiar of a variety of sources of information (i.e. websites, organizations, journals, etc.) and resources for planning or teaching Kindergarten
  • Identify, describe, and interpret current Kindergarten curriculum issues
  • Describe and create materials conducive to the needs of Kindergarten students in regards to their: Aesthetic and Artistic Development, Emotional and Social Development, Intellectual Development, Physical Development and Well Being, and Social Responsibility and the PLO


Active participation is a requirement for this course. You will be successful if you are involved on a regular basis and make connections with other classmates and the instructor. This means students are expected to engage actively in the learning experiences in the virtual classroom, in course readings and assignments, and in making connections to related school experiences on a weekly basis.


This is an online course offered on Canvas – Students are required to have a computer, access to the Internet, and a Campus Wide Login ID and password to access the course website.

There is no textbook required.


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