Ep 61 – Educating the Heart and Mind

This week, we have a two-pronged episode for you, something for everyone.

Dave interviews Dr. Harry Hubball about the SOTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) certificate program here at UBC. Faculty members and educational leaders from around the world take this program to improve their pedagogy and leadership abilities, bringing this expertise back to their universities. They talk about the history of the program, its great successes, and what students in the program get out of it.

Your hosts also take on the subject of heart and mind education, as Fiona talks about a truly enriching opportunity she took part in and Dave gets philosophical. It has long been known that educating the heart is as important as educating the mind, and programs are starting to take this into account.

Finally, they talk about sharing photographs on the internet. Do you do that? If so, what are your thoughts on how you do it? How careful are you? We want to know, and your hosts tell you their thoughts as well.

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More details, including the link to the episode itself and the time stamps, after the jump.

Episode 61 (42:20)

Time Stamps

00:23 | Introduction

Dalai Lama Center

Weaving Artistic Practices into Teaching & Learning

12:58 | Interview – SOTL Certificate Program

Interview with Dr. Harry Hubball

SOTL Certificate

34:59 | What’s Happening in PDCE?

IPTEL Conference

Living Our Indigenous Languages – Summer Institute

Physical Education – Summer Institute

Drama Education Across/Beyond the Curriculum – Summer Institute

Exit Question: What Are Your Thoughts About Posting Photographs Online?