Down the Hall – Episode 52 – School is the Springboard for Transformation – Part 2

This week we take a bit of a spiritual turn in part two of our interview with Dr. Michael Marker. We continue our discussion of ETEC 521 (Indigeneity, Technology, and Education) and talk about the difficulties in bringing good education to remote indigenous communities. We also address life and death in these communities and the clash of cultures when traditional teachers are brought into native communities.

It’s also the last episode before Valentine’s Day, so your hosts have something special for you. Why just have love in your heart when you can have it in your DNA? Shakespeare’s sonnets have been encoded onto DNA strings, bridging the gap between emotion and genetics in his own unique way.

Newly discovered English royalty and strange parallels round out the episode.

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Episode 52 (35:10)

Time Stamps

00:21 | Introduction

Shakespeare sonnets coded into DNA

Richard III remains found?

07:21 | Interview – School as a Springboard for Transformation

Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Michael Marker

30:08 | What’s Happening in PDCE?

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