Down the Hall – Episode 50 – The Big 5-Oh

Welcome to 2013!

It’s a time of renewal, but also for reflection, and this episode is chock full of reflection. It’s our fiftieth episode (no gifts, please send cash) and we’re celebrating that fact by looking to the past before we go into the future.

Fiona interviews Dr. Marv Westwood, head of the Veterans Transition Program, a wonderful program that helps veterans in their transition back to civilian life. It helps those who have been traumatized by their experiences to get back to a healthy life once they have returned home. It’s a valuable service and has been very helpful to those veterans who have gone through the program. Marv talks about how the program came about, the goals of it, and how it has helped so many veterans as they return. The Royal Canadian Legion has helped fund the project.

Speaking of the Legion, your hosts talk about this Canadian institution, it’s history, what it does in the community both in service of veterans, their families, and even currently servicing men and women.

All of that and what our holidays were like (the movie experience Dave tries to talk about is actually called UltraAVX).

And mime! No audio recording is complete without mime.

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Episode 50 (35:28)

Time Stamps

00:31 | Introduction

Royal Canadian Legion

08:53 | Interview – The Veterans Transition Program

Dr. Marv Westwood

Veterans Transition Program

29:36 | What’s Happening in PDCE?

Walkabout 2013

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NVC4 – MED cohort in Curriculum Studies (North Vancouver) – Application deadline is February 1, 2013

MVR6 – MED cohort in Counselling Psychology – Focus: Vocational Rehabilitation (Blended) – Application deadline is February 10, 2013


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