Down the Hall – Episode 35 – Using What You Learn

Virtual learning commons are one way that we can facilitate student learning by giving them the tools that they need to succeed in their studies. Many of them are set up by teachers for students in their classrooms, but why can’t an institute set one up to help all of its students?

That’s a question that Michele Brannon-Hamilton, a graduate of the Master of Educational Technology program, asked herself as she worked her way through it. Using what she learned in the program, she is now working on developing just such a commons for her college. Michele joins us this week to give some insight into what she’s doing, as well as to give a student’s perspective to life in the MET program. What should you expect going into it? What can you do with it? And just how much time you should plan to spend on your studies. While the deadline for September applications may be almost past, this will be very useful for those of you who are thinking of applying to the program in the future and just not sure what your experience will be like.

In other business, you’ll hear the results of our theme song contest! Which host will have their hopes crushed? And which one will be elated? Listen and find out.

All of this, and Clickers! What are clickers? You’ll have to listen to find that out too. We can’t make it too easy for you, can we?

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Episode 35 (22:58)

Time Stamps

00:12 | Introduction

Clickers Help Teachers Read the Classroom – Globe & Mail

The Confusometer App – Toronto Star

06:01 | Interview – a Virtual Learning Commons and the MET program

Interview with Michele Brannon-Hamilton

Michele’s Virtual Learning Commons blog

20:44 | What’s Happening in EPLT?

Interactive Whiteboards Summer Institute: July 3-4

Interactive Whiteboards Summer Institute: August 27-28

Whiteboards for Kindergarten Teachers: August 29

MED Cohort – Urban Learn 10 (UL10)- Vancouver – Caring Cosmopolitanism (Information session – May 24 – see site for details)

Health Education Summer Institute – Two courses taking place on the UBC Campus – July 3-20

Museum/Gallery Teachers Summer Institute – UBC Campus (Museum of Anthropology) and Emily Carr University – July 3-13 (hear our interview about this institute with Dr. Kit Grauer on Episode 31 of Down the Hall)

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