Down the Hall – Episode 34 – Digital Youth

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We live in a culture saturated by media and technology. Living in that culture, it becomes imperative to learn to how to critically examine various media and technologies to decide which is proper and useful for each individual. It’s imperative that children learn this skill quickly before they become overrun.

In this week’s episode of Down the Hall, Dave interviews Dr. Stuart Poyntz, Assistant Professor in the School of Communications at Simon Fraser University. Stuart talks about the importance of media literacy in children and how to integrate critical media literacy into their lives at a young age. He also talks about the interaction between youth and technology and what they need to learn in order to be able to discern what’s important for them and what’s not. Stuart will be addressing these subjects in his portion of the Recurring Questions of Technology summer institute being held here at UBC July 9-13.

In addition to Stuart’s interview, we welcome Fiona Czeschel to Down the Hall! Fiona is one of EPLT’s Senior Program Assistants for MED Off-Campus Cohort programs.

The most important thing in the episode, at least as far as the podcast itself goes, is that we’re changing our theme music! We’ve decided that it’s time for a change, and we want to let you help us decide. During the episode, you’ll hear each host’s choice. After you’ve heard them all, we want your vote.

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Episode 34 (27:59)


Time Stamps

00:11 | Introduction
04:54 | Interview – Youth, Technology, and Media Literacy

Interview with Dr. Stuart Poyntz

23:52 | What’s Happening in EPLT?

Interactive Whiteboards Summer Institute: July 3-4

Interactive Whiteboards Summer Institute: August 27-28

Whiteboards for Kindergarten Teachers: August 29

MED Cohort – Urban Learn 10 (UL10)- Vancouver – Caring Cosmopolitanism (see site for information session schedule)

MED Cohort – Counselling Psychology (CP13) – Kelowna (see site for information session schedule)

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