Down the Hall – Episode 33 – The Future of E-Learning

E-Learning is more than just online learning at a distance. It can also involve the varied uses of educational technologies to enhance face-to-face courses as well. UBC’s Faculty of Education is making great strides toward enhancing all aspects of e-learning.

In this week’s episode, Jenny talks to Norman Daoust, Director, Academic & Information Technologies here in the Faculty of Education. They discuss the future of e-learning in education at UBC and how the faculty plans to be a leader in that area, both at UBC and across Canada. Norm gives his insights into the importance of producing teachers who are skilled in the uses of technology and how the faculty can meet the technological  needs of all students and professors to create a rich learning environment. They also discuss the faculty’s strategic plan for implementing these technologies, including the new Ponderosa Commons facility that will house great opportunities for these initiatives.

Prior to that, there’s a buzz going around Vancouver that’s hard to ignore, so we don’t. It’s the NHL Playoffs! We talk about the Vancouver Canucks briefly (though sadly they had to go on and lose Wednesday night in Game One against the Los Angeles Kings, after we recorded) and the hope that things will end much differently than last year, in more ways than one.

All of that and your hosts’ educational goals for the future (Dave will not be singing on the broadcast) and the potentially bad omen of posting this episode on Friday the 13th. At least it’s not episode #13!

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Episode 33 (29:32)

Time Stamps

00:18 | Introduction
10:55 | Interview – The Future of E-Learning in Education at UBC

Interview with Norman Daoust.

24:25 | What’s Happening in EPLT?

Health Education Summer Institute

Summer Institute – Drama, Literacy, and Diverse Learning (Listen to Dr. George Belliveau talk about the institute in Episode 29)

Infant Development and Supported Childcare (IDSC) Summer Institute

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