Down the Hall – Episode 32 – Rural Justice

There are unique challenges involved in educating students in rural areas. This is something that the Faculty of Education at UBC is working hard to address, to help teachers in rural communities enhance their curriculum choices by using local resources and landscapes to broaden their students’ experiences.

This week, Jenny talks to Dr. Linda Farr Darling about the opportunities her position as Eleanor Rix Professor of Rural Teacher Education has offered  her in supporting rural teachers as they face these challenges. The Faculty has a number of initiatives in Rural Education currently ongoing, and Linda gives us some good examples of these projects (more information on these projects can be found on the Rural Teachers site). She also talks about her philosophy regarding the importance of rural education and informing  more urban communities about what’s happening.

Finally, Linda talks about the Restorative Justice summer institute taking place at the Mir Centre for Peace at Selkirk College, July 9-13.

Before that, your hosts discuss some great Twitter hashtags to follow in order to keep up with the Education conversation on that social networking site. Hashtags are a great way to not only follow conversations, but also find interesting people who share that same interest. Just make sure you check out the hashtags you discover for yourself before you use them!

In addition, there’s why we want to go to Education conferences (it’s not what you think), Dave’s budding writing career, and aliens (since there are no zombies this week).

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Episode 32 (32:24)

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00:11 | Introduction

UBC Writing Centre

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11:48 | Interview – Rural Education and Transformative Justice 

Interview with Dr. Linda Farr Darling

Restorative Justice summer institute

UBC Honours Japanese-Canadian Students Sent to Internment Camps

29:22 | What’s Happening in EPLT?

Teaching Games for Understanding summer institute (July 3-7, 2012)

Infant Development Supported Childcare (IDSC) summer institute (July 9-20)

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