Down the Hall – Episode 31 – The Visual Culture

This week we are in an art frame of mind, as well as taking a trip to the museum.

Ok, we don’t take an actual trip (though perhaps we could do a remote podcast from one soon?), but we do discuss the importance of art and museums  and how they can play a vital role not only in a child’s education, but also in our lives in general. Dave interviews Dr. Kit Grauer and she talks about just how much museums have become a part of the educational process, as opposed to just holding the relics for us to look at. In addition, she addresses the importance of art in all of our lives as we live in such a visual culture in modern society. Finally, we talk about the 10th Museum/Gallery Teachers Summer Institute taking place at UBC’s Museum of Anthropology and Emily Carr University.

Before that, your hosts discuss their favourite school topics that you may not have heard us talk about before (so Dave doesn’t get to spend ten minutes going on about History), more newly found love of Twitter, and snow! The sun’s occasionally peeking out as this post is being written, but it was snowing the day of recording. That is not cool.

Speaking of bad weather, apologies for the audio quality in Kit’s interview. There was a major windstorm that day and the internet connection was spotty. However, we feel that the interview was fantastic and well worth listening to despite the audio problems. Thanks to Kit for that.

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Down the Hall – Episode 31 (35:12)

Time Stamps

00:11 | Introduction
09:20 | Interview – The Importance of Art and Museum Education in our Culture

Interview with Dr. Kit Grauer regarding the Museum/Gallery Teachers Summer Institute

32:05 | What’s Happening in EPLT?

“Art and Inquiry in Early Childhood” – IECER Summer Institute

LLED 421 (pdf) – Gramligne – “Learning and Teaching Grammar in Text for the Second Language Classroom” – an online course starting in May

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