Down the Hall – Ep 28 – The Little Conference That Could

This week’s episode is a reflective one, where we talk about the importance of teacher inquiry and the examination of teaching practices. In fact, it’s not a bad thing in any profession to reflect on the way you do things, see how others do them, and seek to improve your own practices.

Dave talks to Dr. Tony Clarke, a professor in the Curriculum & Pedagogy department here in the Faculty of Education. Dave and Tony touch on self-inquiry among educators as the central principle of Investigating Our Practices (IOP), a conference held here each May.

Tony demystifies the academic conference experience, discussing how IOP makes newcomers feel comfortable, how it’s more collaborative than traditional conferences, and what makes it fun. Listeners can also gain some insight into developing their presentation proposals (accepted until Feb. 24, 2012, despite Dave saying February 20 in the episode itself).

In addition to that, we give you a heads-up on some new off-campus Master of Education cohorts, tease you with some summer activities that you may want to consider, and tell you about an opportunity to win a $50 gift card from the UBC Bookstore!

Finally, what would a reflective episode be without a brief discussion of Bill Murray, Groundhog Day, play-off beards, and zombies? A not very reflective one, that’s what!

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Down the Hall – Episode 28 (27:14)

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Episode 28


00:11 – Introduction

Bill You Murray Me art exhibition – at The Fall Gallery (644 Seymour Street). February 18, 2012, from 7-12pm (Please note the new date and venue if you’re returning to this page!)

04:49 – Interview – The Importance of Teacher Inquiry

Tony Clarke, UBC professor, discusses teacher inquiry and the Investigating Our Practices conference at UBC

22:13 – What’s Happening in EPLT

M.Ed in Counselling Psychology – Vocational Rehabilitation (MVR5) – Online – listen to our interview with Vaughn Marshall about the Vocational Rehab program in Episode 4 of Down the Hall – Deadline: February 10, 2012

M.Ed in Indigenous Knowledges & Indigenous Pedagogies (IKP1) – Vancouver – Deadline: March 1, 2012 – this program begins in July 2012, despite saying in the episode that it begins in September.

Master of Museum Education (MMED) – Vancouver – Deadline: March 1, 2012

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