Down the Hall – Ep 27 – Online Learning in a Global Society

This week’s episode is an online learning extravaganza! This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Master of Educational Technology (MET) program, so we have to mark the special occasion. Jenny’s back, Dave gives some 10-year statistics for the MET program (did you know that basically everybody on the planet has at least asked about taking the program at some point? Is that too much hyperbole?), and Jenny gives some great information about the Faculty of Education Walkabout fitness challenge that starts at the end of the month.

In addition to all of that, we have two great interviews for you.

First, Dave speaks with Dr. Yael Tagerud (Linnaeus University in Sweden) and Dr. Leah Macfadyen (UBC Faculty of Arts),  who are designing an elective course called “Culture and Communication in Virtual Learning Environments” for the MET program.

Leah and Yael each express their own experiences in multicultural settings through their personal and educational backgrounds.

Leah provides a glimpse into her research and practice around ways in which culturally diverse students interact with online learning environments, and Yael shares how she has become a pioneer in delivering online learning.

The two describe their friendship and academic collaborations, and what they’ve both brought to this new online course about culture, communication and web-based learning in a global society.

Next on the show, Dave reconnects with Dr. Tony Bates, a founder of the Master in Educational Technology (MET) program, and a respected advocate for online learning in Canada. Their discussion provides a retrospective look at the MET program’s origins and evolution through its ten years of existence. Tony offers insight into the process of developing online and international academic programs, and considers the growth of online learning over the next several years.

All of this and not a zombie reference to be heard. But the year is still young.

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Down the Hall – Episode 27 (50:39)

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Episode 27


00:11 – Introduction


07:17 – Interview 1 – Culture & Communication in Virtual Learning Environments

Interview with Yael Tagerud & Leah Macfadyen

24:59 – Interview 2 – MET and the Future of Online Learning

Interview with Tony Bates

46:44 – What’s Happening in EPLT

Overview of M.Ed Cohort programs currently offered by EPLT

New cohort! IKP1 (Indigenous Knowledge & Indigenous Pedagogies) – Deadline: March 1

Deadline extended! TGU2 (Physical Education – Teaching Games for Understanding)  – Deadline: February 29

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