Down the Hall – Ep 24 – Happy Anniversary

Down the Hall is one year old today! And what a year it’s been. It’s been a year of turnover (though thankfully that turnover happened right at the beginning), but we think we’ve really hit our stride and will continue to share with you interesting guests and engaging topics in Education.

So how are we celebrating? First, we have a gift for both you, the listener, as well as ourselves. Dave interviews Dr. Carl Leggo, a professor in the Language & Literacy Education department here at UBC. He’s also a noted poet, writer, researcher, and all-around fascinating guy. We think that all comes out in the interview as we talk about the importance of creativity and play in the Education field. This is a topic we’ve covered before on Down the Hall, but perhaps not quite to the extent that Carl does. This was a real treat for Dave, and we think it will be for you too.

After the interview, we discuss the podcast itself, taking you behind the scenes a bit. We also bring back former co-host Sharon Hu to talk about what she’s been up to since stepping down from her hosting duties. We talk about EPLT’s Instructional Design & Support Team (IDST) and the services that they offer to those in the Faculty of Education.

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Down the Hall – Episode 24 (55:51)

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Episode 24


00:11 – Introduction

03:06 – Interview – Playfulness & Creativity in Education

Interview with Dr. Carl Leggo.

30:05 – Discussion – Down the Hall: A Year in the Making

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52:27 – What’s Happening in EPLT

Teaching Games for Understanding (TGU2) – M.Ed in Physical Education – Application deadline is January 30

Modern Language Education – French Immersion (FRM3) – Application deadline is January 27 (and Jenny shows off her French-speaking ability!)

Educational Leadership & Administration (VEL3) – Application deadline is January 3

Investigating Our Practices conference at UBC – May 2012. Call for Proposals deadline is February 20.

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