The Community Practice of Adult Education

ADHE 330 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


  • Self-introduction
  • Weekly Postings/Participation
  • Midway Essay
  • Group Case Study
  • Peer Assessment for group case study
  • Facilitation of one week of class discussions
  • Annotated Bibliography

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Community based adult education with particular emphasis on the application of knowledge of the social, economic, cultural and political environment in developing and conducting adult education programs for individuals and groups. (UBC Calendar)
This online course is focused on community-based adult education (CBAE). It emphasizes how the social, economic, cultural and political environments significantly shape the initiation and development of adult education activities geared towards social justice.

ADHE 330 is a core course in the Diploma in Education – Adult Learning and Education and in a BA Minor in Education, Community, Adult and Higher Education.


At the end of the course, students will be able to:
  • Define the concepts of community and social justice.
  • Appreciate the role of activist adult education in the pursuit of social justice.
  • Appreciate the breadth of adult learning that occurs in the context of community and community development.
  • Understand the key principles and values informing community-based adult education.
  • Acquire some useful pedagogic approaches for CBAE.
  • Develop critical analytic skills in assessing and planning CBAE activities


There is a great deal of adult learning that occurs in our local communities that is often not recognized. What differentiates CBAE from other forms and sites of adult education is its ‘bottom up’ approach and the extent to which the community initiates, develops, facilitates and evaluates the activities. CBAE is characterized by a significant amount of community control.
This course will be offered online on Canvas –
Module 1
Participants will be introduced to one another and to the course content, processes, assignments, and overall course objectives.
Students will share some of their experiences and understandings of CBAE and of the notions of community and social justice
Module 2
Focus on different types of adult education, the meaning of community, and how to build a sense of community in an online environment.
Approaches to or purposes of CBAE, principles of CBAE, and community development will also be explored.
We will draw on Brown and Hannis’ book, Community Development in Canada, 2nd ed., as well as some additional articles as the course unfolds.
Module 3
Read several articles in order to explore the different approaches and context of CBAE and the pedagogic orientations, strategies and exercises that can be used when developing or working in CBAE.


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  • Brown, Jason D. and Hannis, David. Community Development in Canada. Second Edition. Pearson Education Canada Ltd., 2012. ISBN: 9780205754700


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