The Role of the Teacher in Guidance

CNPS 426 (6.0) Online – Course Outline


  • Weekly Reflection Postings
  • Book Review
  • Paper: Self-Change Analysis
  • Project: Program Review, Curriculum Development or Intervention Plan


This online course is designed to assist the teacher in understanding and using guidance techniques for day-to-day use in the classroom. The emphasis will be on techniques for working with people towards better self-understanding and better perspectives of alternatives. (UBC Calendar)

The course is comprised of 19 lessons (one week is allowed for Reading Week and to work on assignments). Each lesson will consist of an instructor-based introduction, readings and reflection topics. All lessons will be applicable to classroom implementation, but will allow relevance to students working in other settings as well. Students interact/reflect on readings in virtual class discussions through these reflections. The first term focuses on counselling strategies and development of technique in practical settings. The second half continues to look at current issues in school teaching/counselling.

CNPS 426 is a core course for the Diploma in Education – Guidance Studies. This online course is an approved elective for the Diploma in Education – Early Years Education.


Lesson 1 Introduction.  Skill: Self-Awareness
Lesson 2 Skill: Developing Relationships
Lesson 3 Skill: Active Listening
Lesson 4 Skill: Dealing with Anger
Lesson 5 Skill: Responding with Empathy
Lesson 6 Skill: Responding to Content
Lesson 7 Skill: Changing Behaviour 1 – Behavioural Approach
Lesson 8 Skill: Changing Behaviour 2 – Adlerian approach
Lesson 9 Skill: Developing Group Skills
Lesson 10 Guidance Programs (General)
Lesson 11 Guidance in the Classroom
Lesson 12 Guidance in the School – Support Services
Lesson 13 Guidance in the School – Programs
Lesson 14 Special Issues: Special Education
Lesson 15 Special Issues: Situational Factors
Lesson 16 Special Issues: Crisis Management
Lesson 17 Guidance: Working with Parents
Lesson 18 Skill: Developing Behaviour Plans
Lesson 19 Closure


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  • Young, Mark E. Learning the Art of Helping: Building Blocks and Techniques 5th Edition. Pearson Education Canada Ltd., 2012. ISBN: 9780132627504
  • Individual Style Survey #A001– developed by Dr. Norman Amundson. Edmonton, AB: Psychometrics Canada Ltd., 1990. ISBN: 9780929022031
  • Thomas, Kenneth W. and Kilmann, Ralph H. Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument #4813. Edmonton, AB: Psychometrics Canada Ltd. ISBN: 2810000172027B


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