Family Education and Consultation

CNPS 364 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


  • Discourse Analysis: Undertake a discourse analysis of a magazine or newspaper article written for parents on a parenting topic.
  • Family System Analysis: View an assigned film and undertake an analysis of the family portrayed in the film.
  • Parent Education Program: Design a parent education program that is intended to enhance the sense of agency and intrinsic motivation of children.
  • Class Participation: Each student is expected to engage in the weekly discussions for this online course.


This online course is designed to provide an examination of current theories and practices in family education and consultation.

CNPS 364 is a core course in the Diploma in Education – Guidance Studies and in a BA Minor in Education, Interpersonal Development.  This online course is a pre-approved elective for the Diploma in Education – Early Years Education and the Diploma in Education – Infant Development and Supported Child Development.


  • To understand a broad systems (systems-ecological) perspective on families.
  • To become familiar with current motherhood and fatherhood discourses and their impact on families.
  • To identify the elements of a healthy/functional family.
  • To become familiar with a variety of family issues, including those of culture, gender, and ethnicity.
  • To understand the process of family consultation and learn effective and respectful communication practices.
  • To become aware of issues in family-school relationships.
  • To become familiar with family education programs by developing a family education program.


This course will be offered online on Canvas –

  • Definition of family. Family demographics in Canada. Understanding family education and consultation vs. family therapy
  • Introduction to social discourses of motherhood and fatherhood
  • A systems ecological orientation to families. Family strengths. Empowering families. Prevention
  • Parenting and parenting styles
  • Diversity Part I: Emerging family structures: Single parents, stepfamilies, wives as main breadwinners
  • Diversity Part II: Same sex parenting, cross-cultural parenting practices
  • Characteristics of Healthy Families
  • Family Education and Parent Education Programs
  • Communication and Motivation
  • Family Consultation
  • Special Issues in Family Studies: Family Violence
  • Special Issues in Family Studies: Parenting Children with Special Needs
  • Family Consultation in Schools


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  • Bigner, John J. and Gerhardt, Clara. Parent-Child Relations: An Introduction to Parenting Ninth Edition. Pearson Education Canada Ltd., 2013. ISBN: 9780132853347
  • Horwitz, Erika. Through the Maze of Motherhood: Empowered Mothers Speak. Brunswick Books, 2011. ISBN: 9780986667145


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