Teaching Adults

ADHE 327 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


  • Student Survey
  • Assignment 1: Individual Assignment
  • Assignment 2: Group Facilitation
  • Assignment 3: Peer Assessment: Quality of Feedback and Average of Peer Grades
  • Assignment 4: Participation

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Planning, conducting, and evaluating instruction for adults. Consideration is given to different beliefs and ways of thinking about teaching. (UBC Calendar) There are no prerequisites.
This is an online introductory course that focuses on teaching adults, whether in groups or one-on-one, formal and non-formal contexts. It is about different philosophies or perspectives that inform our teaching. You will consider the different elements that make up a teaching context and how this affects your understanding of your teaching. It is intended to give you a personal framework for teaching and the tools to implement your framework well.
ADHE 327 is a core course in the Diploma in Education – Adult Learning and Education, the Diploma in Education – Health Education, and for a BA Minor in Education, Community, Adult and Higher Education. It is an approved elective course in the Diploma in Education – Teaching English as a Second Language and in several programs in a number of Faculties. Please check with your Faculty or Program Advisor.


This course will be offered online on Canvas – http://canvas.ubc.ca

Week  Topic
1 Introduction: Adult Education
2 Adult Learners
3 Contexts of Teaching Adults
4 Teaching Perspectives
5 Transmission Perspective
6 Apprenticeship Perspective
7 Developmental Perspective
8 Nurturing Perspective
9 Social Reform Perspective
10 Teaching Strategies
11 Teaching Ideals: A Teaching Philosophy
12 Assessing Learning and Teaching
Please note: In the Summer Term, the course is offered over six weeks.


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  • Pratt, Daniel D. and Smulders, Dave and Associates.  Five Perspectives on Teaching:  Mapping a Plurality of the Good  Second Edition.  Malabar, FL:  Krieger Publishing Co., 2015.  ISBN:  9781575243191


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