Administration of the School Library Resource Centre

LIBE 461 (3.0) Online – Course Outline


  • 6 web-based assignments;
  • Analysis of a School Library Resource Centre Program
  • Plan of Action
  • Participation


This online course introduces students to the exciting and evolving role of the School Library Learning Commons (SLLC) in today’s K-12 environment, within a Canadian context, including other facilities or spaces that support teaching and learning of curriculum and student literacy development, such as community libraries.  Students will develop an understanding of the role and philosophy of the SLLC as it relates to a school’s instructional programs. In a series of modules, students will explore the range of issues and policies that teacher-librarians must address in order to create a dynamic, information-rich, multi-literacy resource centre that draws in teachers and students alike.  Included among the topics covered: policy, image, budget, resource selection, personnel, co-planning/co-teaching, facilities, and technology integration. Concepts introduced in this course will be expanded upon in subsequent course work, equipping the participants to be effective educational leaders in their School Library Learning Commons.


  1. Redefining the space and the practitioner (SLLC and TL)
  2. School libraries in the wider library context (public, academic, community)
  3. Crafting Your Policy
  4. Your Clientele: Staff, Students and Administrators
  5. What’s My Image?
  6. How to Manage a Budget
  7. Dealing with the Resources
  8. Personnel & Facilities: some thoughts
  9. Tackling the Technology Challenge
  10. Leadership and Pro-D


  • To introduce students to the philosophy, role and administration of school library resource centres in elementary and secondary schools.
  • To develop an understanding of the educational role of the school library resource centre as an integrated and integral component of the school curriculum.
  • To examine school library policies and procedures within the Canadian context.
  • To develop an awareness of the importance of the role of the teacher-librarian and to gain knowledge of the many facets of that role.
  • To develop an understanding of how to administer and operate a school library.
  • To provide participants with an opportunity to use newly emerging technologies in a learning situation.
  • To provide participants with an opportunity to develop specific plans of action that applies the course content and discussions to their personal school context.


This is an online course. Students are required to have a computer, access to the Internet, and a Campus Wide Login ID and password to access the course website.

There is no textbook required.


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