For New Instructors

If you are a first-time employee at UBC, you must complete the steps  below to ensure that you receive your salary in a timely manner. You will need your UBC employee ID and PIN before you can complete these four steps. If you do not have these, or your employee ID is not yet active, please contact

All salary payments are direct-deposited into your bank account. Visit New to UBC web page (direct deposit forms, important information, and details on orientation sessions for new employees) as well as the online orientation.

You will need to register for a Campus-Wide Login (CWL). Along with your email address, your CWL ID will be the primary identifier you use in making contact with support resources on campus. Please set up your CWL account if you haven’t already done so. In addition, you are required to submit an updated copy of your CV and a photocopy of your SIN card by email directly to our office.

Finally, we recommend that you become familiar with PDCE policies (as approved by EPAC).

Four Essential Steps to Follow

1. Visit the New to UBC web page.

2. Register for your CWL.

3. Complete the Online Enrollment process for your benefits and payroll information. Please see “Important Notes” below.

4. Email your updated CV and a copy of your SIN card to PDCE.

After you complete these four steps, review the information on the next tab of this page – For All Instructors.

Important Notes Before You Begin the Benefits/Payroll Enrollment Process

  • The session will take approximately 30–40 minutes to complete.
  • You must complete the session in one sitting.
  • If you close down partway through or leave your keyboard inactive for 30 minutes or more, your session will end and you will lose all of your work.
  • Once you have completed all of your forms, you will be prompted to print them. If you exit the session before printing the completed forms, your work will be lost.
  • Review the benefits information specific to your employee group before you begin, to ensure that you are prepared for the online enrollment. This will allow you to make informed choices about optional benefits and about any costs associated with the benefits you choose.

For All Instructors

Along with your email address, your CWL ID will be the primary identifier you use in making contact with support resources on campus. If you haven't done so yet, set up your CWL account.

All instructors must have a UBC email address. Third party email services are not appropriate for the transmission or storage of Confidential information; Confidential information must be stored in Canada and only in UBC-owned or authorized environment. Read more about UBC email policies.

Request a UBC email address: email your request, including your CWL (but not your password) to

The Faculty Service Centre (FSC) is where you can access your course lists, email your students, and enter grades. FSC access is possible once you have both your CWL and a UBC email address.  Access the FSC:

For Faculty of Education credit courses that have been setup with a Connect online course shell, Instructors can access their courses at:

For technical support regarding Connect (or to ensure you have access to your course), please contact the Faculty of Education’s Educational Technology Support (ETS) group with your CWL, and course name and number: or call 604-822-6333.

Please familiarize yourself with academic regulations by consulting the UBC Calendar. Of particular interest are the regulations about plagiarism, extensions on course work, withdrawals and penalties and grading standards.

If you require a Custom Course Package for your course, download the instructions on how to develop a Custom Course Package, and how to order through the UBC Bookstore.

PDCE is responsible only for printing course outlines and exams. All other copying is the responsibility of the instructor, including printing costs.

If you are an advisor for an M.Ed. Cohort, review these guidelines: Off-campus M.Ed. Cohort Graduate Advisors



  • Travel associated with PDCE-affiliated programs must be approved in advance by PDCE.
  • All receipts must be submitted to UBC within 30 days of the date on the receipt.
  • You must submit your SIN# for honoraria claims.



Cohort Programs

Review the information for Off-Campus M.Ed. Cohort Graduate Advisors.