How to Apply & Register

To register in courses offered for credit you must be admitted to the UBC Faculty of Education, Vancouver campus.

  • If you were previously a student here, you will need to apply for re-admission.
  • If you are a UBC Okanagan students, or interested in a program offered by UBC Okanagan, please see Admission Categories below.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Teacher Education Office (TEO) website.

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For information or assistance with admissions, contact:

Alya Zhukova
Undergraduate Admissions
Teacher Education Office

New UBC Students

  • Apply for admission through the Teacher Education Office, UBC Vancouver.
  • Check the Admission Categories below to determine what type of admission will fit your needs.
  • Download the application form.

Previous UBC Students

  • Apply for re-admission through the Teacher Education Office, UBC Vancouver
  • Download the application form.

Unclassified Students

If you wish to enroll in studies not intended to lead to a particular degree or diploma (such as a single course, a summer institute, or a 15-credit certificate program), you can apply as an Unclassified Student. Students with degrees who wish to register in education courses are admitted to the Faculty of Education as Unclassified, 5th year students, and typically already have a recognized degree.

Diploma Students

If you wish to complete a 30-credit UBC-conferred post-degree diploma, apply for admission in this category, and be sure to indicate the specific Diploma program you are applying to.

UBC-Okanagan Students (Cross-Campus Registration)

  • UBC-O students must contact Susan Currie for assistance in registering for UBC Vancouver Faculty of Education courses.
    • You must obtain approval in writing from UBC-Okanagan Faculty of Education advisor. Visit the UBC-Okanagan Academic Advising webpage for information.
    • Cross campus registration is intended for UBC Okanagan undergraduate students interested in taking some courses at the Vancouver campus. To be considered for registration at the Vancouver campus, Okanagan undergraduate students must meet certain criteria. Further information is provided on the Okanagan Campus Students website.
  • UBC-V students, interested in summer courses offered by UBC Okanagan, must contact Karen Ragoonaden for assistance in register in UBC Okanagan Faculty of Education courses.
    • UBC Vancouver Faculty of Education program students who are interested in taking courses at the Okanagan campus should contact the program advisor for approval: Bette Shippam, Teacher Education Office.

Please review UBC's requirements for demonstrating a minimum level of English language competency.

Once your application is accepted, you will receive a letter from the Teacher Education Office confirming your admission or re-admission, including your UBC student number and instructions on how to access information about your program through the Student Service Centre (SSC).