Making the Most of Your Student Fees

Registered in a course for academic credit? Find out what your student fees can do for you!

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Know my campus

Whether you’re new or returning, get the most out of UBC by knowing your way around campus.

Plan for success

With the range of learning resources available, UBC sets you up to work smarter, not harder.

Live well to learn well

Taking care of your mental and physical health and finding balance in all the areas of your life helps you achieve what's important to you. Learning, thinking, and goal setting are easier when you feel good.

Have some fun

Academics are important, but what about the rest of your life? No matter what you're interested in, there are countless ways to balance school and everything else. Your time here is what you make of it; get ready to have some fun.

Build my career

Your time at UBC is an open invitation to discover new opportunities and lean on practical, career-building resources so that you’re prepared for the work that you want to do. Whether in the classroom, the workplace, the community, or the world, every experience you have prepares you for what's next.

  • The AMS website provides a breakdown of student fees.
  • The Student Service Centre (SSC) provides specific details on your assessed student fees.